hooky huffman for canton city council

Canton’s New Eyes for a Brighter Future

Canton’s future is bright. The opportunities are tremendous. I believe we need to use smart and balanced decision making to maximize the many assets and continue to help our city move forward.

We’re fortunate that our past leadership has created a strong infrastructure for this city as we’re rich with a new technologically advanced business parks, developing beautiful recreational parks, high quality educational institutions, and an improved airport.I think we must take these fine qualities and present them to highly targeted businesses, companies and residents to help our city move forwardSmart growth of our tax base will help improve our budgets without having to reach further into the pockets of our neighbors.

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I Will:

  • Work for a balanced approach to city government, both in moving forward with financial responsibility
  • Watch over our heritage, history and resources, including our new Hickory Log Creek Reservoir
  • Enhance the lives of our citizens with better attention to our public safety department and parks.
  • Work closer with the Chamber of Commerce for economic development with increased revenue
  • Continue to guard our council against influences of special interest groups
  • Promote transparency and accountability for council's actions